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Don’t Own Photo Upload License? Here’s Why You’re Wasting Money

Want to lose a fortune? It’s SO EASY:

     1. Turn on garbage disposal.

     2. Insert diamond ring.

     3. Grind to smithereens.

Or better yet, keep your jewelry. Rent an online photo upload package by the month instead, one you’ll never own the license to. In just a year, you blow $14 Grand, or as much as $70 Grand in less than 5.

And every cent swirls down the disposal, never to be seen again.

The Secret to Universal Usage and Online Photo Upload Success

No, it’s not your imagination. Students are ignoring your sign-up emails for digital photo upload. In fact, that’s probably why your utilization rates are so weak.

Can you really blame them? Students’ in-boxes are stacked sky-high. University emails tend to hide like last week’s tuna fish in the back of the fridge.

How to Realize the Dream of Online Photo Upload — TODAY!

You know in your gut — your old ways no longer work.

Every day you see a mile-long line outside the card office door — bored and frustrated students waiting to get their ID picture taken — you know: Digital photo upload needs to happen, YESTERDAY.

Playtime! 5 Fun Things to Do in Hartford During NACCU 2019

NACCU — the event of the season for the campus card industry — is right around the corner, April 7 to 9, 2019. It’s an awesome chance to network and learn about exciting new technology and opportunities.

And with NACCU 2019 being in Hartford, Connecticut this year, it’s also a great excuse to get out of the house and the card office. Because if you’re like us, you work hard, you play hard! We love meeting new faces and reconnecting with old friends, but we also look forward to hitting the sights and seeing what Hartford has to offer.

Enjoying a little free time at NACCU 2019? Here are our 5 favorite things to see and do in Hartford, Connecticut

Ready to eliminate lines, save time and money?